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By Mr. Navneet Anand

The Commerce Society of College Of Vocational Studies, sums up the session with a super informative webinar on “Career in Management”.
According to the posters led out by the society, this webinar was to be conducted by Mr. ARKS Srinivas, who unfortunately couldn’t join due to unavoidable health reasons.

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On special request, the webinar was conducted by Mr. Navneet Anand, a veteran in the Retail Banking domain of Financial Sector with over 16 years of experience in the sector and currently associated with Career Launcher, as the head of MBA division. The webinar began with Mr. Anand sharing his motto in life with the students – ‘relentless pursuit of 
knowledge is the key to personal growth’. He discussed the ‘ultimate dilemma’ that almost every student faces – Start Career Immediately or Pursue Higher Education. After having discussed the pros and cons of both the decisions it was concluded that there is nothing right or wrong in choosing either option. The 
Indian Society has always made us believe in the myth that the correct flow of 
decision making is Exams College → Course →  Career ; however, the speaker busted this myth and imposed that the correct path for students should be, Career → Course → College Exams. He highlighted 
the three reasons for doing an MBA i.e, salary, flexibility & growth and also 
explained the concept of career progression. 

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Later, he delved into the technicalities of various exams to compare the composition and requirements of them. Mainly, he juxtaposed CAT, GMAT and GRE and also laid down the top institutes for doing an MBA from India and abroad. He stressed on the fact that to select the top institutes one should focus on the course structure and ROI. While coming to the end of the webinar the students were introduced to the notion of ‘profile building’ and how it helps in securing a seat in top B-Schools around the world. 


The session reached its zenith with the speaker effortlessly addressing and clarifying all the doubts and queries raised by the students. In a nut shell, the webinar was fruitful and a huge success and helped students to rethink about their career choices!

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