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COMQUEER         2020

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most    responsive to change.”

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A place where the mind explores the true investing game then Kapitalista lived up to its name where participants not only confabbed about investing in different indices during the inception but also extracted the spectrum of their thoughts. The event takes up a different turn at the end where scams of the corporate world become the talk and a deeper knowledge among participants took a place to nurture

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DINVESTOLOGY            2020

The event had its first ignition where participants have to go through an auction for biding the private players of the world. As the event wheeled with the force MindJolt portfolios by participants were witnessed and a room for curiosity and a mind for intellect was created. The event received its finishing lines with the best pitching skills and ideas stood up by participants.

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 IPL FEVER        2020

United we play and United we win was the thought the event IPL FEVER opened its eyes with. Testing the apprehension for cricket was the first hurdle for participants to cross and as the event flowed with innings and runs the enthusiasm and the heat for winning are the emotions the event witnessed. Cricket is not just a game but a feeling to curate excitement and zeal were the thoughts the event dropped its curtains with.

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   POLICIO           2020

Words have powers when they flow from mouths and the pen becomes the sword where words vanish in the darkness. An event for policymakers, the event began with fictitious scenarios where participants had to develop their own paths to frame the policies for the collective good. Problems were dealt with and solutions were designed by participants. The last round had a different taste with a time bomb where the skill of last-gasp was tested. The event gave several unheard voices a platform to showcase and hopes for the future nation.

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