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Arcannom 3.0

Its April 2021, but it looks like we are still stuck in 2020. reintroduced lockdowns, night curfews and restrictions. But, none of these things could stop us from organising yet another successful annual event, Arcannom 3.0. For all those who could not make it with us that day, here is a small glimpse of how it looked and how amazing it was!

2 amazing days

3 amazing events

2nd & 3rd April, 2021

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the Aces

Analyse the aces

Analyse the Aces, the flagship event of Arcanom 3.0, was the perfect blend of academics and fun. With over 140 registrations, there was a tough competition between the participants since the beginning and the event was well on the path of success. The teams were put through a rigorous, time-bound preliminary round from where the top 16 teams qualified for Round 1.

Round 1 was a game of testing the participant's analytical skills. The participants had to solve four case studies using their decisive and analytical skills. The 8 teams with the maximum cumulative score after solving all the four case studies were then selected for

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 19.48.13.png

Round 2, The penultimate round began with the teams being allotted specific resources to build a product – a weapon, using their creativity. The participants were also given a chance to enhance the features of their product by unlocking some hidden resources that could be accessed with witty and charming answers to some mind boggling riddles. The teams with the most creative weapon (product), among other criteria, were then shortlisted for the final round of event!

Round 3 included maximum participation from the four finalists as they had to present a pitch and speak about why the other finalists should buy their weapons. They were then given time to crack deals and make maximum sales. Based on their combined results of both the rounds, the winner was selected. 

Overall, Analyse the Aces was a stimulating event that made the participants make maximum use of their analytical and creative skills and convincing powers.

Trickster Trader



There is no single market secret to discover, no single correct way to trade the markets. Those seeking the one true answer to the markets haven’t even gotten as far as asking the right question, let alone getting the right answer. - Jack Schwager 


ComSoc CVS- the Commerce Society of College of Vocational Studies brought forth 'Trickster Traders'- a never seen before mock stock and bidding competition. The teams were required to take some spontaneous decisions and experience the dramatic turns a market can take!  The event was designed in a way to promote financial knowledge and enable participants to get familiar with stock market movements and was all about realising the twists and turns at every step. The event successfully checked the financial acumen of the participants and gave them an amazing insight into the actual trading world. 
After the mass eliminatory preliminary round, the bidding round began with the top 15 teams, where participants had to bid on some famous personalities like Amit Shah, Harshad Mehta. Elon Musk, etc. Each of these profiles had power as well (which was to be revealed later in the event) To make the environment more interesting and competitive-  this round was designed to be eliminative such that no team without a profile will go to the final round! So participants had to play their cards wisely, keeping the tracks of the bids to acquire the best of the best!
The third round was a mock stock, with a set of news and rumours,  but not a regular basic one. It consisted of various twists and each participant was given insider information about one twist according to the trading/investing nature of the profile they bid for in the previous round. 
Based on the return on their investments, the top three teams were declared winners!
Overall a brilliant game of skill, strategy, and sheer analysis, this event captured the excitement of the participants and was very well appreciated by them!

Ad Maniac



“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our creativity and imagination, our possibilities become LIMITLESS.” 


Like every other year, this year too ComSoc CVS hosted its annual event ARCANOM 3.0 with great enthusiasm and determination.


‘Ad-Maniac: Pitch the Imperfect’, an event full of twists and fun had two rounds.


It started off with Round 1 wherein the participants had to prepare a presentation/document explaining the reason behind linking the tagline of the brand they guessed via a small quiz with some other brand or product. It was then followed by Round 2 which was the final round. Each team was allotted a product and the participants had to fabricate an advertisement video of 1-1.5 minutes using a Bollywood scene. But the twist here was to change the genre of the scene chosen. All the videos were astounding.


All the participants put in their best efforts and were really innovative with their ideas and presentations.


The event was a complete package of creativity mixed with joy. Hard-work and lots of Brain-storming of the ComSoc members as well as the participants made it a huge success!

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