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Tesla In India

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

On 13th January, Elon Musk's tweet confirmed Tesla's entry in India.

The question that now arises is what does the entry of Tesla mean for the Indian automobile industry. Along with introducing high-performance, technology-rich cars in India, Tesla will also drive business for others. By increasing the competition and raising the standards, and building the missing ecosystem for electronic vehicles, it'll give life to many big and small manufacturers across the country. For instance, say Tesla invests in a local factory in India, automobile parts manufacturing firms will then rush to shake hands with this American giant for supply contracts.

So its commencement will increase the confidence of other EV manufacturers in the market, to develop electric vehicles, with assured and consistent supplies of raw material or parts for their vehicles. The EV buyer missing from the market will thus have more options to choose from. More options will mean, manufacturing on a greater scale, leading to lesser vehicle costs and thus, increased demand.

Now as the demand will increase, the need for a greater and better-charging infrastructure will also arise. This will force the government to award contracts for charging stations or fasten the execution of existing contracts. In the early stage, all these cars would be sold as CBUs (Completely Built Units) meaning, the cars would be ready to use.

After knowing all this you might be wondering what would be the price of a Tesla in India.

Tesla is expected to launch a total of 5 cars in India, namely:

Model S at ₹1.50 Cr

Model 3 at ₹ 60.0 lakh

Model X at ₹ 2.00 Cr

Model Y at ₹ 50.0 lakh

and Tesla Cybertruck at ₹50.70 lakh

Now that you've read it all, what are your thoughts about Tesla's success in India? Is it even a possibility or will its hype stay just over the internet!?

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