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Is Digital Marketing becoming a Dominant way of marketing?

The above quote holds validity in the present situation of the world and is on the path of turning into reality.

Digital Marketing in simple terms is a smart way of marketing which can allow a business to survive especially in the current pandemic scenario and growing competitive world where startups are encouraged and motivated even by the government.

There are various ways in which you can showcase your business and grab different target customers according to the demand of the business.

Example: Endless small businesses have chosen Instagram as a way of starting their journey and the fact that it attracts a huge customer base.

Digital Marketing involves Website marketing and Affiliate marketing. While the youth is more attracted towards Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Not only online businesses but for the retailers who are tirelessly working to grab customers can only survive only if they grab them digitally. Even the retail businesses are now taking the path of digital platforms to grow their business and walking hand in hand with the modern culture.

Digital Marketing easily helps to escape a major step, of attracting customers to the business. A small sales technique is all that is required now!

According to Emarsys, there are 3.2 billion social media users who are active every day, which translates to about 42% of the organisation. Hence, the business can easily find a target audience and boom their businesses.

Example: The small businesses on Instagram are currently taking the path of Instagram Reels to increase their reach and expand their customer base.

Spending on Digital Marketing will never prove to be a loss for the business as it is the base for survival and growth. Digital Marketing has easily grabbed the position of being one of the most important assets for an organisation.

Research has shown, nearly 98% of sales representatives, who have over 5,000 LinkedIn connections find it easy to achieve or even exceed their quota. Also one of the stats shows that an average teenager spends around 142 min on social media so it’s really easy to target them in their day to day life.

The Digital Marketing of Memes is a whole new trend in the present day. Sarcastic content proves to be a hit each time without fail. It becomes viral overnight and enhances the business with tremendous growth. Meme Marketing has become the future of Online Marketing, many organisations have lately taken the path of memes and launched campaigns that are applauded by the internet.

Example: Gucci launched a #TFWGucci campaign, which is short for “That Feeling When Gucci”. It was a campaign designed to promote their new line of watches and the internet meme flood sure made it work!

Moreover, Fevicol took advantage of Ronaldo and Coca Cola controversy with the launch of its campaign, “ Na bottle hategi, Na valuation ghategi!”

Digital marketing is leading its way to be the most important tool for an organisation. It is one of the most amazing and simple yet creative modes of marketing which can grab a huge audience. During this pandemic, the only way a business can sustain itself is through digital means.

It has proven the fact that Smart Work is better than Hard Work.

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