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Customer Satisfaction- the key to growth

Your most unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning. Customer satisfaction is defined as a measurement determining how happy customers are with a company's products, services, and capabilities. In simple words, customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the growth of a business. If you can satisfy your customers' needs, only then you can fulfil the needs of your business.

E-business is an industry which has only seen a boom in the past few years and to maintain that the customer part is most important. Let's consider the return policy of E-businesses, they provide the best of return policies, wherein, allowing their customers a minimum time of one week to a maximum time of a month within which the customers can return the purchased product with a valid reason. The customer should not only be satisfied with the product but also with the services being provided after the purchase.

Customer satisfaction not only leads to a permanent customer but also to the multiplication of customers, as only positive reviews are being scattered about the business, which encourages more and more new customers to get into it. Selling a product is much easier than creating a permanent customer, as it is all about a single chance, by which you can grab the attention of the customer. Making a customer permanent without even attending them personally is a very difficult job, but E-platforms are nailing that role with their superb customer handling skills.

The case of Myntra's logo is a recent example, which tells us that if a customer is not satisfied with the logo as well they even have a right to file a complaint. The way Myntra handled the allegations was really exceptional and clearly defined how even the thought process of a single consumer matter.

Thereupon it is clear that if a customer is satisfied only and only then can a producer survive in an industry.

After all, it's very well said that - 'It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.'

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